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Want to learn more about NUCCA Chiropractic the unique form of care that Dr. Orem uses at Spine and Body Renewal. Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2 minute overview video.

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What our Patients Say

When I started at Upper Cervical Center, I could hardly walk; [I was] hurting so badly. I had a hard time doing things. After the X-rays, I found out [that] my lower back was going one way and my upper body going another. One thing I didn’t want was a bone cracker. These adjustments I couldn’t even feel and was wondering how it could possibly help, but it did! Dr. D has been so patient and understanding. He told me we were [in] partnership. I need to faithfully do the exercises and drink water and he would do his part. All of that took time and hard work, but was worth every minute. I am now back to my old self with more energy and more active.

B. Johnson

Before NUCCA care, I could not write without pain in my neck, arms, and hands. I could not sit for more than 30 minutes without pain or stiffness. I also could not walk more than 15 minutes without being out of breath. Now, after 9 months of NUCCA care, my hand dexterity is returning, I’ve had no headaches for 6 months, and I can perform yoga and stretching without pain.

Mary F.

Before NUCCA care, my energy level was non-existent. An area on my upper right spine could feel uncomfortable and heavy…thick. I was depressed.  After NUCCA care I now have energy, feel positive, happy! This is great – I now think I can embrace my life and move in a positive direction.

Deb M.

Before NUCCA care, I could not go about my daily activities. I would frequently have shoulder injuries that would put me “down” for weeks with a lot of pain! I would lose sleep and stamina that affected the most simple tasks. After NUCCA care, now I can work confidently and complete the daily tasks set before me. After a hard, strenuous day at work of physical activity, my recovery time is only a couple of hours instead of a couple of weeks! The pain is also minimal.

Mike T

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