A recent Ask the Doc question inquired about the hardest part of the work I do; first, let’s start with what makes it incredibly rewarding. The best part of being a NUCCA doctor is helping people who are hungry to experience true health. NUCCA chiropractic in Rockford creates health through restoring connection between the brain and the body. When the brain cannot give the body correct information, people continually experience pain, dysfunction, and/or weakness. My job is to get the brain back in control so that the body can heal itself.

There are numerous things that make this work challenging. The doctor needs to have an understanding of physics, biomechanics, the nervous system and spine – especially the intricate upper cervical region. Precision and specificity are critical. However, I would say the hardest part is also one of my favorite parts – teaching other people about this type of work.
Before I became a NUCCA patient, I didn’t know anything about this type of work. I didn’t understand how a gentle adjustment at the top of my spine could do anything, let alone solve the leg problems I had been struggling with for three years. After a life-changing experience, I researched the science behind NUCCA. It made sense. I wanted to do this work so that I could help other people.
As a doctor, I labor to explain the “why” behind the NUCCA work’s dramatic effect on body function. Some people comprehend these concepts quite readily, others do not. I can’t blame them; we live in a society that often focuses on treating the symptom instead of the root cause of the problem. That is why education is so important; it is one of the most challenging, yet hope-giving, parts of being a NUCCA chiropractor in Rockford.


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