You may wonder what we are checking when we have patients lie supine or stand with backs against a grid. Fair question!
Everything we do at Upper Cervical Care Center-Rockford, is designed to ensure your brain is communicating with your body without interference. Some parts of the brain manage posture, some manage eye function, some parts manage swelling in the body. So all your Rockford upper cervical chiropractic checkups are really brain exams in addition to spinal and peripheral joint exams! Now we have a new tool that helps us see more detail in the brain and its ability to “talk” to itself. It’s called the Brain Gauge.

Developed over the past 20+ years by neuroscientist Mark Tommerdahl at University of North Carolina, this astonishing tool gives us baselines for head injury status, insights into breakdowns in specific areas of the brain, and more importantly, gives us a “heads up” in letting us know there’s more that needs to be done to facilitate healing.

In one case of Agent Orange exposure, inflammation in the brain showed up on the Brain Gauge test. This led us to the importance of nutritional supplements to process and reduce that inflammation. Progress was recorded within two months!
In another case of Parkinson’s disease, the test showed improvement in brain function over a period of two months of upper cervical care and nutritional support.
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A patient with a recent head injury was tested. The results showed which part of the head was struck, and showed neurotransmitter problems. In a few more weeks, the new tests should show improvements.
Neurosensory testing on the Brain Gauge is done on Tuesdays and Fridays. Be sure to call and make an appointment with our upper cervical chiropractors in Rockford for a base line study if you have not done so. 815-384-1127


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