It was a busy afternoon in the office. Diane was planning on leaving early to catch a plane from O’Hare, and her stuffy nose from the day before was getting worse. Her telephone answering voice had turned into a rather poor advertisement for the office and you could feel her increasing discomfort. She had been taking a food supplement with broad application to immune function, but there was no response. She was holding her upper cervical correction, which organizes the brain’s coordination of immunity, but again, no apparent help from her nerve system. As the minutes ticked by and patients came and went she was visibly sagging lower and lower in energy. Immediate intervention was urgent.

But then I gave her a different food supplement, and within 30 minutes, she was looking brighter and stronger. The sinus discharges were drying up and she was looking more like her vibrant self.


What was working here? 
The immune system is better thought of as an alliance between systems. Digestion, skeletal, nerve and endocrine systems all have a part to play in keeping you in top shape having different actions that protect and clean your body. But with some types of infections, antibody production from the thymus gland is critical. These antibodies are sent out from the thymus into the lymphatic system and act as an ambush on the attacking infection. The lymphatic system becomes the staging ground for the battle, and your ability to produce antibodies is key to victory. Diane’s body needed a more specific support weapon to overcome the infection, and we had it!
The best news is that she got on her flight in good health and enjoyed her weekend!
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