Running for Research
I’m very excited about the Run for Research coming to Rockford on May 14th! The following is a transcript from a recent interview about the Run.
Question: What exactly is the Run for Research?
Dr. Orem: The Run for Research is an annual event where participants run, walk, or jog as many miles as possible in a two-hour time period. This year our office Upper Cervical Care Center – Rockford will be hosting the Run on May 14th from 10am-12pm.

Question: That sounds intense! Will you be participating in the Run?
Dr. Orem: Yes, it is definitely challenging! I have participated in previous years, and I’ll be running again this year.

Question: What is the goal of the Run for Research?
Dr. Orem: The goal is to raise awareness and funding for the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF), which is a big deal! The UCRF is what makes research possible for understanding how upper cervical care helps people and how we can give the best possible care to patients.

Question: Both Dr. Schalow and you are pretty passionate about upper cervical research. Why is that?
Dr. Orem: Research has so many implications, but a key one is simply letting people know about upper cervical care. One of the most common questions we get from patients is “Why didn’t I know about this type of care sooner?” Many patients search for answers to their health problems for months, years, and sometimes even decades before finding an upper cervical chiropractor. Unfortunately, many health care providers also don’t know about upper cervical care to refer patients who may be good candidates. Research is one way we can get the word out about upper cervical care to other doctors and patients alike.

Question: That’s really important. Now have you been training for the Run? Do you have a personal goal on the amount of miles you want to run?
Dr. Orem: I actually started training for the Run at the beginning of the year with the hopes of completing more than the 3 miles I had been running! My longest run recently is 8 miles, and my goal is to run double-digit mileage for the Run.

Question: Is there an opportunity for people who aren’t runners to be a part of the Run for Research?
Dr. Orem: Definitely! Dr. Schalow will be teaching an interesting class about the fascinating research backing up upper cervical care and the new frontiers that are being explored. The class will take place during the Run so that is a great opportunity for people to see the start of the Run and then enjoy the class while participants are working on all those miles!

Question: What is the best way to participate in the Run or sponsor someone who is running?
Dr. Orem: The easiest thing to do is contact the office at 815-384-1127. You can make a single donation or pledge to donate per mile which is a big incentive for me to try to push through the pain and run more miles!

Question: Any final thoughts about the Run?
Dr. Orem: I just want to thank everyone who is supporting me for the Run. The UCRF relies on donations like these to continue essential research projects!


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