Dr. Orem

Dr. Orem graduated Summa Cum Laude as valedictorian from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA and is one of less than 50 doctors worldwide who is Board Certified in the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA). Dr. Orem holds a bachelor degree in Biology from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. She is a Rockford native, graduating as valedictorian from Rockford Christian High School.

Dr. Orem’s dedication to pursuing her dream of being a NUCCA chiropractor began with her own experience as a NUCCA patient. After suffering multiple leg injuries during her collegiate track career, she began NUCCA care in hope of finding a solution to her ongoing problems. During the next several months under NUCCA care, she felt “like someone had given me a new pair of legs!” That year she was able to experience notable success on the track. Through Dr. Orem’s own experience and her subsequent research in NUCCA, she also was able to observe how this unique form of chiropractic care is unlike any health care available in the world today.

Dr. Orem desires to provide this type of holistic health care to her patients. She has a commitment to quality, individualized care as well as a passion for education and nutrition. She enjoys educating patients and the community on healthy living. She is also a member of the NUCCA Education Committee and an instructor of both chiropractic students and doctors.

Dr. Orem enjoys treating people of all ages and looks forward to serving you at Spine and Body Renewal.

Gabriel Orem, OTR/L

Gabriel Orem, OTR/L graduated with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from St. Catherine University and a Kinesiology degree from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Gabe, a Rockford native and valedictorian of Rockford Christian High School, provided therapy in outpatient settings with older adults throughout the Twin Cities for five years before returning to Rockford to join Dr. Orem, his sister, and the team at Spine and Body Renewal.

Gabe says “I became an occupational therapist because I wanted to increase people’s quality of life by helping decrease pain and regain enjoyment in what they need and love to do.” Gabe’s expertise seamlessly integrates physical and mental well-being, incorporating soft tissue therapy and functional biomechanics for a comprehensive approach to health. Through motivational interviewing, Gabe loves to learn people’s stories and create individualized care plans based on their needs and desires to help his patients improve their independence and quality of life.

Gabe blends his passions for occupational therapy and NUCCA chiropractic care as he reflects on his own story. Since childhood, Gabe has dealt with digestive ailments resulting in frequent pain and interrupted sleep due to uncontrolled hunger. After Gabe started NUCCA care and began holding his spinal alignment, he experienced hunger without pain and could sleep a full night without waking – and most importantly enjoy eating without worry of painful hunger! This increased his quality of life and physical, emotional, and mental well-being; Gabe’s experience propels him to share that hope with the greater Rockford community and beyond.

We remember and honor Dr. Philip Schalow (1955-2023) for his significant contributions to upper cervical chiropractic care in the Rockford area and beyond.

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