Occupational Therapy: Supporting the Healing Process

Spine and Body Renewal exists to help facilitate the body’s intrinsic healing process. NUCCA care creates a foundation for healing by balancing the spine which affects joints, nerves, muscles and other soft tissues. When individuals have areas of chronic complaint or overuse, specific attention may need to be dedicated to help promote the healing progression and stability – this is where OT fits in!

Occupational Therapy (OT) supports a diverse population from athletes who sustain an injury, to parents trying to stay active while keeping their families thriving, and to older adults desiring to maintain balance while safely aging at home. OT also supports a wide range of occupations from the manual laborer who has residual pain from repetitive work to the individual who has increased neck and shoulder tension due to long hours working at a desk. When people experience pain, injury, or illness that affects activities of daily living such as self-care, work, leisure, play, rest/sleep, education, and social participation, an occupational therapist is a resource to tap into. At its core, OT helps equip people to complete life activities safely, independently, and as easily as possible to elevate one’s best quality of life.

Through an individualized consultation and evaluation, OT can create a care plan centered around one’s goals and unique needs.  These goals often incorporate decreasing pain, increasing independence, and improving quality of life.  Interventions that support progress to goals often include:

• manual therapy (working out tension in muscles and soft tissues to decrease pain)
• work hardening and ergonomic training in order for patients to safely return to the workplace
• exercises for strength, endurance, and flexibility
• muscle reeducation such as working on posture and balance
• home exercise development and training to maintain progress made in sessions

Occupational therapy is an ideal fit with NUCCA to facilitate the body’s healing through maximizing proper posture in life’s activities.  OT is often the transition that takes an individual from uncertainty to confidence, from frustration to ease, from dependence to independence, from pain to healing.  Consider OT as a method to help progress you toward your goal for natural healing and allow your body thrive again.

What to expect with Occupational Therapy

The initial appointment with Gabe will be 50-60 minutes and includes an evaluation and first treatment session. Depending on your area(s) of complaint, goals and abilities, Gabe will design a care plan specifically to meet your needs. Subsequent visits are 25-45 minutes in length and can include manual therapy, exercises, ergonomic training, muscle reeducation, and home exercise development and training.