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When I started at Upper Cervical Center, I could hardly walk; [I was] hurting so badly. I had a hard time doing things. After the X-rays, I found out [that] my lower back was going one way and my upper body going another. One thing I didn’t want was a bone cracker. These adjustments I couldn’t even feel and was wondering how it could possibly help, but it did! Dr. D has been so patient and understanding. He told me we were [in] partnership. I need to faithfully do the exercises and drink water and he would do his part. All of that took time and hard work, but was worth every minute. I am now back to my old self with more energy and more active.

B. Johnson

Upper Cervical Care Center Doctors, My experience has been a great one, even though I’m still going through the process. I’m hoping to be restored and healed of all I’ve been going through for the past 45 years. I still have my up and down days, but I know I’m on the road to recovery.  You have been absolutely wonderful and patient through it all, even with my many questions 😊


I chose to try Upper Cervical chiropractic 5 years ago, after little relief from decades of traditional chiropractic adjustments. I was skeptical but hopeful, after hearing success stories from friends. I attended a seminar the doctors held to learn how this type of cervical adjustment works and it really made sense. I have experienced a slow progression of healing in many parts of my body and my body now holds my correction for several months.  The nutrition exams they offer have helped me figure out a few key things my body was needing for a time, which solved some recurring issues.  I recommend giving Upper Cervical Care the opportunity to help provide relief from even long-term issues!


Always friendly, caring and efficient. Dr. Schalow works wonders!

Ann H

I am very happy about it. alot less painful than my regular chiropractor and great results

Delberta S

This was my first experience with the Upper Cervical technique. After the first adjustment, the arthritic type pain in my hands went away. I was going because of migraines, but that first change was great. It took several months (maybe 2-3) and I started to see a reduction in the severity of migraines and headaches. After 4-5 months I rarely get a migraine, if not at all. I enjoy the time and energy that I got back in my life. I use to suffer anywhere from 5-10 migraines a month, and lay in a dark quiet room for hours, missing much time with my family, special occasions and work. It reduced my menstrual flow significantly. It also improved my circulation. I had been in compression socks after my last pregnancy. Now I no longer wear them. The doctors and staff are great. I highly recommend this practice.

Stephanie A

I have had chiropractic methods and used medications to improve my back and neck problems. The only actual improvement I ever got was coming to Upper Cervical Care Center. I recommend them for anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Marilyn W

Dr Schallow is awesome! Much more to be said than i can say for now

Jill E

I have been under treatment for probably two years. Originally went to see them because of intense pain in my left arm that resided primarily in my shoulder but sometimes radiated down as far as my lower forearm and wrist. The first session i had greatly eased that problem – though it took about three months and a few more sessions to get the full benefit of the treatment. I continue to visit as needs (like shoveling heavy snow and chipping ice!) require. I continue to be astounded at the benefits that I receive from such a non-intrusive and entirely painless process. I heartily recommend trying cervical chiropractic care for chronic pain associated with joint or skeletal pain.

Jeff K

I went to Dr Shallow with very bad, lower back pain. I had scoliosis. It was not severe, but it caused me a lot of pain. He was able to straighten it out some which relieved a lot of the pain. I have sent many people to Dr Shallow and they have all had a good experience. His touch is so gentle, so he never hurts you. Only helps! Lol

Ireta B

Your treatments have eliminated many issues with sore knees, lower back and shoulders. I’ve been a big fan of your practice and have at times gone over 4 years between adjustments and can definitely tell when I’m out. Going on 15 years now! Thank you so much for your service!

Edward D

I no longer desired the traditional cracking’ most chiropractors do. Friends recommended this clinic. Now I drive an hour each way for the unique care at UCCC. So worth it. I feel great, I walk strong, I’m in my 60’s and know I can stay this way with this wonderful care at UCCC. I highly recommend!

Paula S

I,ve been coming there for a long time and hopefully will continue for a long time to come… I think highly of Dr. Schalow and your staff. Thank you for being available.

Candy K

Cannot say enough about it. Wonderful experience far better than any pill or surgery.

Deanne K

Subtle, but precise adjustments that put you on a path to healing and alignment. Profound!

Tina W

Extremely beneficial to me personally. As a result, I’ve referred my husband, my daughter and my sister to Dr Schallow. Dr Schallow and Dr Orem’s services have been life-changing for us. Gentle and long-lasting treatments. Once aligned, no need for monthly adjustments. It’s a great process.

Sandra F

Blessed! I am truly blessed to have “found” Dr. S. and his practice! Although I’m having a tough time holding lately, the doctor fixes me up each time with his miraculous touch. Everyone connected to the practice is gentle, serene, helpful, and concerned about my well being. A wonderful place to seek and find…peace!

Lynnette R

These treatments have made all the difference in the world for me. My back used to hurt all the time.

Carol F

It is just amazing. Very cool

Terri J


Carol F

Our experience has been great Everyone is very helpful. Dr Orem is very good atanseering questions for us

Ricky C

I love coming there and it actually made me feel better. I would love to return as long as it will not interfere with my iliness.

Janice B

The experience for me was absolutely excellent, I came in with Severe neck pain in lower back issues, after a few adjustments within a few hours I felt completely fine, I would definitely recommend to all my friends the experience was wonderful I cannot thank you enough

Mike A

Very friendly and efficient. Other members of my family also go here. Love NUCCA therapy

Ann H

I still think you’re great beyond great. Nervous a bit about coming back mostly about driving & how it’ll work w the rods in my neck. I absolutely KNOW the compressed cord has nothing to do w you. For a while I was scared to come back as I felt the cord needed healing time. My confidence in uccc has not dwindled. I have not returned for several reasons. The #1 is body awareness– sensing issues: feel just weird this week, I started to realize my hands & shoulders, rotator cuff & back again, so I’m close to coming in again. Second money. employment isn’t there yet. Third: driving fatigue which is getting better each day. I hope to return by March (1st paycheck) when weather should be more predictable. sooner if our Lord wills. My confidence in you is not shaken more w me. You’re a 10 in my book! Just wish we lived closer as always. Jill

Jill E

Excellent service and personable

Stacey C

I have had only good experiences with Upper Cervical Care Center.

Debra C

Staff was warm and welcoming; doctors were wise and precise, I felt great when I left

Lori H

Every visit has been good!

Betty C

Speedy results

Patricia B

I am now a believer. I have recommended NUCCA treatment to several people.

Janet B

I first started to see Dr. Schalow in January, 2013 and was completely satisfied with his adjustments of my dizziness, headaches and sick stomach due to falling on the ice, cracking my head open and having 24 staples in my head. Over the years, I continue to see Dr. Schalow when my body is out of adjustment as he knows what needs to be done to set me straight without taking prescription drugs. I do recommend Dr. Schalow!

Nada G


Leland F

I always feel better after my treatment———thanks to Dr. Schalow

Beverley B

I feel that upper cervical chiropractic is the best treatment for chiropractic care. I would not go anywhere else.

Brandy B

Great! Dr Schalow is a gifted healer

Ellyn A

I am very pleased with the entire team at Upper Cervical Care Center. They are helpful, efficient, friendly and the cost of treatment is reasonable. I see Dr. Schalow and am very pleased with his knowledge of specific areas that need treatment and just how to treat each area for better alignment, thus alleviating pain. I would highly recommend them for any issue of pain or tightness in the neck and back

Barb A

I like that you & your staff are prompt & yet take the time to explain things and answer my questions.

James L

I always enjoy my visits and benefit greatly from the treatments.

Melissa P

Excellent care

Mary Jo M

So far it has been very positive. This is all new to me, but I can’t deny that my symptoms have improved since starting treatment.

Erin B

I am back in alignment. I feel terrific about Dr. Hannah Orem’s bedside manner and how knowledgeable she is in her field.

George D

I have seen a typical chiropractor in the past and was not comfortable with that style, but was desperate to get help for my back, so I was again looking for Chiro care. A friend recommended your practice. I am a believer in Homeopathic options and that the body has tremendous capability to heal itself. So my personal beliefs fit with what I was told at your office. I was, honestly, not convinced that it would work, but it did. I even have personal proof – I came in with a middle back misalignment that I could feel with my fingers. My neck was adjusted and when I sat up the misalignment was gone. Magic. Clarks 3rd Law – Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Belinda C

I have been pleasantly pleased with great results. I truly appreciate the treatment professionally performed without any harsh adjustments. I have referred several people to your office Dr M White

Mary O

I greatly appreciate that when I have come in in pain, the pain is greatly reduced after a treatment and continues to lessen each day. I was in quite a bit of pain when I came in last week. Thankfully I was able to have an enjoyable weekend after Dr. Orem did an adjustment.

Sheila K

Dr. Schalow is an amazing upper cervical doctor. I really resonated to what he said when I had my first appointment that my body would heal itself when my atlas was in alignment. The idea was that all else would fall together. It’s proving true. Step by step I am healing myself!!!

Dale G

Dr. D was really helpful in getting me to where I can walk again without any pain in my knee. The staff there are always friendly and welcoming.

Mark H

I originally saw Dr. Schalow for a neck problem where I couldn’t turn my neck in one direction hardly at all. He had it fixed in very few appointments through a procedure very new to me. I had been to chiropractors for many years previous, but all of them used twisting force to “correct” the problem When Dr. Schalow had completed his procedure, you did not feel a thing and weren’t sure he had done anything until the pain went away and it felt so much better. That was years ago, and I still go for checkups to keep my spine in line. I am very happy I found him.

Sheldon H


David H

I have been your patient for over a year. I have a great respect for your work. All your staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I feel so welcome every time I come in for appointment. After many years of trying different types of therapies, I am so glad that I have learn about the Upper Cervical Care.

Margaret B

I have a condition that is basically untreatable by allopathic standards. I have tried numerous alternative methods including treatment with several types of chiropractic, acupuncture, Ortho Bionomy, magnetic therapy, whole food supplements, blue green algae supplements and functional doctoring. Treating the Atlas has minimized my facial spasms and tremors. There is more to do and am optimistic that treatment focussing on the upper cervical will help minimize those symptoms as well.

Barbara C

This wild ride has been a miracle for me! From not really believing in chiropractic to becoming a fervent follower. This stuff WORKS! Everyone at the clinic is friendly, helpful, professional. It is a pleasure to come in for checks and the occasional adjustment!

Lynnette R

Very friendly and helpful staff. We have recommended this practice to several people

Amanda L

Wonderful! I didn’t have an appointment but my husband did, but when I told you ! fell the day before you got me right in and checked over. I had put things out of alignment and you got me back on track. Love your place to come to. Everyone is kind and helpful. Thank you so much.

Connie S

Before NUCCA, I could not stand for more than 3 to 5 minutes without intense pain in my right hip. My sciatic nerve was impinged by one of my lumbar vertebrae. Neurosurgery could not help my condition, because several lumbar vertebrae were already immobilized by arthritis. 

After NUCCA care, I stood for 2 hours straight, supervising a reception for an ordination at my church. I was setting food on the buffet, serving punch, slicing and serving cake, adding chairs to tables, and clearing tables for new guests. I did not suffer from hip pain during that time.

– Teresa W.

Before NUCCA care, I got frequent migraines. After NUCCA care, my migraines are good.

– Edward R.

Before NUCCA care, I could not get through the day without a back ache. And it affected a lot of the things I did. I also had lots of problems with my ankles. After NUCCA care, now I can do the things that I need to do and not worry about my back hurting. Also, my ankles aren’t hurting when I play sports.

– Anna G.

Before NUCCA care, I could not walk or sit without being in a lot pain. I “walked funny”, and I wore a lift in one of my shoes I was told that one leg was shorter than the other.

After NUCCA care, now I can walk, exercise, mow and shovel, with no pain. I’m a new woman since I started going to First Step Chiropractic!

– Carol F.

Before NUCCA care, I could not wear my shoes without putting ¼ lift in them. Supposedly, my legs were not the same length. Hence the lift. After NUCCA care, now I can wear my shoes minus the lift.

– Margaret G.

Before NUCCA care, I could not get out of bed in the morning until 11:00 or 12:00. Organize my thoughts or my entire life for that matter. Exercise frequently & properly. Find joy in my life. Pray properly. After NUCCA care, now I can play tennis 3 times a week. Walk 3 to 4 miles a day.

Eat healthy. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. Practice my Catholic Religion by going to Mass 3 times a week. Getting my personality back as well as my mental, physical, & emotional health.

My spiritual health has improved magnificently. I can now say with the help of Rev. David E. Beauvais, LCSW, Dr. Hannah Orem, & Dr. Phillip Schalow that I have become a much better Christian. It has also helped with my protein C deficiency and my idiopathic neuropathy.

– George D.

Before NUCCA care, I could not write without pain in my neck, arms, and hands. I could not sit for more than 30 minutes without pain or stiffness. I also could not walk more than 15 minutes without being out of breath. Now, after 9 months of NUCCA care, my hand dexterity is returning, I’ve had no headaches for 6 months, and I can perform yoga and stretching without pain.

– Mary F.

Before NUCCA care, my energy level was non-existent. An area on my upper right spine could feel uncomfortable and heavy…thick. I was depressed.  After NUCCA care I now have energy, feel positive, happy! This is great – I now think I can embrace my life and move in a positive direction.

– Deb M.

Before NUCCA care, I could not go about my daily activities. I would frequently have shoulder injuries that would put me “down” for weeks with a lot of pain! I would lose sleep and stamina that affected the most simple tasks. After NUCCA care, now I can work confidently and complete the daily tasks set before me. After a hard, strenuous day at work of physical activity, my recovery time is only a couple of hours instead of a couple of weeks! The pain is also minimal.

– Mike T.

Before NUCCA care, I could not turn my head, walk, run, exercise, read a book, work at my computer, do yard work or perform work tasks as a chairside dental assistant without constant and intense throbbing pain. Sleep was becoming impossible. Living with a constant neck and headache, was making everyday life difficult.

After starting NUCCA care, now I can enjoy everyday life…. I am back to running, biking, kayaking. I am still learning to listen to my body and make the simple adjustments needed.

– Janice C.

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