This February marks 9 years since a very important question changed my thinking, and thereby, changed my life.

Before I become the NUCCA chiropractor in Rockford that I am today, I played basketball in high school and loved it. In fact, my goal was to play basketball in college. However, I thought after the high school winter basketball season, perhaps I’d try another sport in the spring to stay in shape and have fun. It could be any sport, really – but not track. What could be worse than running in circles over and over again: that just sounded painful and pointless. Besides, being a member of our high school’s track and cross country teams meant that you weren’t just a runner, but a stoic warrior – braving wind, rain, cold and snow – all during Coach Moore’s gut-wrenching workouts.

Unfortunately, my plan to avoid the track team was thwarted when my basketball coach became an assistant track coach. As soon as I received that news, I knew I was destined to join the ranks of Coach Moore’s distance crew. Nevertheless, I resisted my impending doom.

“Have you seen what they do for workouts?!” I balked at my basketball coach (ie, soon-to-be assistant track coach) as she was doing paperwork in her office. I had just done an example workout with a friend who was a member of both the basketball and track teams. I rambled off the “outrageous” intervals the mid-distance runners were expected to do for an average training workout.

“That’s not bad,” she replied nonchalantly as she continued filing her papers.

“Yah, not until you have to do them as fast as you can!” I snarked with appropriate dramatization.

Coach set down her papers and turned toward me, “So you’re telling me that you’re not going to do it just because it’s going to be hard?”

Her pointed question seemed to bounce off every wall in her office and abruptly stop as it nailed me in the face. She was right. Running may be painful, but it wasn’t pointless – at the very least, it would help me become a better athlete. As she succinctly pointed out, I could not allow my underlying fears and apprehensions govern my decisions; I could not let my uncertainty dictate my future.

So I joined the track team (still somewhat kicking and screaming). And no doubt, it was one of the most mentally challenging things I’ve done. However, it was also greatly rewarding – not to mention foundational for the events to come in the future.

Coach’s question continued to follow me through college, chiropractic school, and now into my practice as an upper cervical chiropractor in Rockford. I’ve found that my doubt and questions can lead to answers and progress – but way too often, it can lead to procrastination, apathy, and frustration. What things would you being doing now if you weren’t being stopped because it’s going to be hard? There are many answers to that question, but what we focus on in our office is helping people take that next step in their health. A spinal imbalance can be a significant cause of health problems – from headaches to asthma to athletic injuries (as I know from personal experience) to increased fatigue – the 1st step to take is balancing your spine so that long-term healing can take place. Are you ready to take the 1st step?


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