When we use NUCCA chiropractic in Rockford to balance the spine and people get better, we often hear “I don’t know what you do but I like it!” As technology continues to develop, we can actually see what is happening when we correct the misaligned spine. Using specialized scanning machines, we can see that the reason why neurologic tests of the eyes and body improve is because of the “landscape” within the brain that has improved. Last year’s project sponsored by the Upper Cervical Research Foundation showed how the correction improves certain aspects of the blood flow in the brain. When we restore brain connections, the “landscape” of the entire brain changes and makes normal function possible. Take a look at these two pictures and think about which one is going to result in better life expressions. If you said the picture on the right, I would agree. The picture on the left would trigger more of a humanitarian response which would eventually produce the picture on the right.

When we see eyes that don’t track together, or muscle spasms throughout the head, neck and torso, and when we see the supine short leg phenomenon, we know the interior “landscape” is troubled. That’s why we use the NUCCA procedure – to bring harmony first to the brain and spinal cord, and then restoration to the peripheral regions of the body. The immediate outcome is improved eye function, balance in the body, and eventually freedom from symptoms. So next time you are asked what we do in our office, you can say that we “restore the landscape of the brain which promotes healing through uppercervical spinal correction.”


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