Rockford chiropractor for migrainesA significant number of people around the globe suffer from some form of migraine. Unfortunately, most of them experience debilitating and chronic headaches accompanied by equally worrying symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and sensory sensitivity. Thankfully, nowadays, patients have plenty of relief options to choose from. One of which is seeking a  Rockford chiropractor for migraines

For many years, upper cervical care chiropractic adjustments have gained significant attention from patients with chronic migraine symptoms. The question is, how exactly can upper cervical care help? How can non-invasive neck bone adjustments relieve the symptoms experienced by migraine sufferers?


A Quick Review of Migraine

Migraines are a chronic neurological disease that affects 1 in 7 people. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, they can be debilitating and lead to disability if left unresolved.

Studies explain that this condition affects the brain. Additionally, the episodes can trigger pain, nausea, and sensitivity to sound and light. These symptoms vary from one patient to another but usually occur on both sides of the head or face and behind one eye (unilateral). The pain and other crippling symptoms usually lasts between 4 to 72 hours and can recur several times a month.


Causes and Symptoms

While the cause of migraines is not completely understood, scientists have determined several factors contributing to the onset of this debilitating condition. These include:

  • An irregular or heightened sensitivity to food, chemicals, and other external triggers (such as weather changes)
  • Abnormalities in the way your nervous system processes chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) between your brain and body organs (often due to spinal misalignment and nerve compression)
  • Lifestyle, routines, and vices like stress or tension in your muscles, which may result from poor posture or bad habits like smoking

For its warning signals, there are varying symptoms of migraine. But generally, as it is a neurological condition that affects your central nervous system, it can cause serious and potentially debilitating symptoms. In addition to the pain associated with migraines, other symptoms include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Sensitivity to light and sound (photophobia)
  • Feeling disoriented (dysphoria)
  • Temporary loss of vision in one eye (scintillating scotoma) or both eyes (hemianopsia)

These symptoms can last from hours to days at once—or even longer, depending on your overall health and pre-existing health concerns.

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Has Your Migraine Turned Chronic?

To know if your migraine has become chronic, you must keep track of the following things.

Migraine episode duration

If the episode continues for more than 72 hours, you may already be suffering from a chronic migraine attack.

Migraine frequency

The number of times your attacks occur every month is also vital for determining whether or not your migraines have become chronic.

Migraine intensity level

A change in intensity level can indicate a new kind of pain. You will definitely find it helpful to take note of your migraine intensity levels and report this information to your headache specialist or Rockford chiropractor for migraines.


Rockford Chiropractor for Migraines for Holistic Migraine Relief

If you’re a chronic migraine sufferer, it’s a good idea to seek a Rockford chiropractor for migraines for help. Studies show that upper cervical chiropractic is a promising migraine remedy that has helped redefine recovery and relief among thousands of patients.

Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on restoring balance in the nervous system and fixing the spinal alignment by adjusting the C1 and C2 vertebrae. 

By fixing the postural problem, your body can transmit information throughout the body (especially to the brain) without interruption and help alleviate symptoms of your migraine episodes. 

Here’s a closer look at what usually happens when you work with an upper cervical chiropractor for migraines: 

  • Careful assessment to determine whether you’re a good candidate for an upper cervical chiropractic adjustments
  • Analysis of the topmost neck bones (C1 and C2) using X-ray scans and computerized models of the spinal column
  • Adjustment of the neck bones according to the initial findings of your upper cervical chiropractor
  • Physical assessment of the neck, shoulders, and hips to gauge the accuracy of the chiropractic adjustments
  • Continuous upper cervical chiropractic consultations to maintain the adjustments and ease your body into healing completely

Every case of a cervical subluxation is unique, so the number of adjustments also needed largely varies from one person to another. To learn more about how long it might take for you to restore your cervical spine’s natural curvature fully, we recommend consulting with Dr. Orem.


Dr. Orem – The Leading Source of Upper Cervical Care Center in Rockford

Dr. Orem is a licensed chiropractor at  Upper Cervical Care Center – Rockford. She has been helping patients with chronic headaches feel better, recover, and be more in control of their ailment or condition using upper cervical chiropractic – since he started practicing. 

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Our Rockford chiropractor for migraines specializes in the NUCCA technique, so you can expect to receive gentle neck and highly precise neck bone toggles. The adjustments are also carefully planned to help your body heal with greater ease. 

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