Have you ever felt like the ground is moving beneath your feet, even when standing still? Have you had moments when the room spun around you, leaving you disoriented and dizzy? Have you ever been afraid to leave the house because you’re worried you might get caught off guard and fall? Does vertigo stop you from enjoying life altogether? 

Unfortunately, many patients searching for vertigo relief in Rockford IL go through the same (if not worse) situation every time their symptoms manifest. And notably, a significant fraction of them are seniors who want nothing more than to spend their time and energy with loved ones and things they cherish. 

Do you happen to experience the same problem? Are you a guardian of a senior patient with recurring vertigo episodes and want to provide better assistance and care? 

In this article, we’ll focus on the top causes of vertigo in seniors so you can plan the necessary steps you must undertake, regardless if you’re the patient or the carer. Read on to learn more. 

#1. Dehydration

This is one of the leading triggers of health problems, including dizziness and vertigo. Dehydration can also lead to different health issues for anyone, not just seniors. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated.

#2. Hypoglycemia

This happens when your blood sugar levels go down to dangerous levels. Usually, it affects patients with diabetes. Hypoglycemia can bring different symptoms, including muscle weakness, dizziness, loss of balance, spinning sensations, and loss of consciousness.

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#3. Medication intake

It’s not uncommon for seniors to take medications for conditions like hypertension, bone density loss, or diabetes. However, some can have side effects, including dizziness and vertigo attacks. To avoid these, be sure to check if the dose is correct, and if your symptoms persist, talk to your doctor, as you may need a new prescription. 

#4. Sudden blood pressure changes

Seniors are prone to hypertension and hypotension due to other health conditions, and these changes can trigger sudden bouts of spinning sensations or dizziness. These symptoms may also serve as warning signs for a medical emergency. We strongly recommend monitoring your blood pressure with the help of an at-home sphygmomanometer.

#5. Peripheral Vertigo

Seniors may experience vestibular or inner ear issues. Despite not being as life-threatening as the other causes, it can be crippling. The episodes might also prevent you from spending more time with your loved ones or that retirement vacation you have been preparing for.

#6. Head or Neck Injuries 

Sometimes, head and neck trauma can bring problematic symptoms ranging from migraine headaches, intense neck pain, dizziness, and vertigo attacks because of their effect on the C1 and C2 bones. The sheer force from such events damages ligaments holding the neck bones in place, making you susceptible to postural misalignments and the adverse effects that come with it, such as neurovascular compression. 

Notably, these misalignments in the Upper Cervical spine don’t heal without the intervention of a Cervical Chiropractor. And the longer the postural imbalance persists, the worse impacts it can leave on your body. 

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You, Too, Can Experience Lasting Vertigo Relief In Rockford Il: Contact Our Practice Today!

Now that you’re acquainted with some of the leading causes of vertigo in seniors, we hope you can plan your steps better. We strongly suggest working closely with your healthcare professional to determine the root cause of your concerns. 

If you have ruled out every possible cause and have a long history of neck or head injuries, we strongly recommend consulting with a Cervical Chiropractor like Upper Cervical Care Center – Rockford. Our office has helped many patients achieve vertigo relief in Rockford IL, by correcting the misalignment in the upper neck. These adjustments also hold for a long time to support your body’s proper alignment and balance.

With proper care, your senior years need not be difficult. Book an appointment with us today, and let us help you cope with your vertigo naturally.


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