What if I hadn’t become an upper cervical chiropractor in Rockford and stayed in music? What if I had not been able to detect my daughter’s subluxation that was quickly killing her with a brain infection? What if I had not been able to restore balance to my wife’s spine so that she could heal and stop winding up on the floor with back spasms?

It’s true. Life changes.
It is as though the choices I made were intimately connected to the future fabric of my family environment. I look at the community I live and work within, seeing children, adults, people my parent’s age and I see lively, sometimes struggling, sometimes dying people who either seek help (“I want to find a way to heal”) or suffer within the boundaries of limiting claims.
“There is no hope for you.”
“Chiropractic isn’t going to help with that…”
When people seek healing, that drive opens up worlds of opportunity for them. Spinal balance, upper cervical corrections, nutritional support, spiritual liberation are a few of the magnificent elements available when the eager don’t accept mediocrity.
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