“So what do you want for Christmas?” my parents probed while I was on fall break. As a poor college student, there seemed to be many things that could have made that list, but only one was at the forefront of my mind: “A new pair of hamstrings.”

While my classes were going well, my collegiate running career seemed to be running on its last leg (pun intended). My freshman year of college, I strained my right hamstring. Then sophomore year, I strained my left hamstring. I was sure things would be different my junior year: I had no more hamstrings left to strain! However, my struggles continued with hip and knee problems. With injury after injury, I hadn’t run a personal best in my main track event in three years. I was ready to sign up for a new pair of legs, but at least a new pair of hamstrings should provide significant improvement!

Unfortunately, Santa did not bring me a new pair of hamstrings. But six months later, I found myself in a NUCCA office. Being adjusted, regaining my health and strength, and finally being able to fulfill many of my long-term goals on the track was truly better than any “thing” I could have been given for Christmas. Health is something that cannot be replaced with “things,” which is a reality that became so clear to me that year.

Each Christmas, I reflect on those rough days when simply walking created pain in my legs. I’m thankful for the opportunity to heal from my injuries that could have easily continued long past my college years. And now I have something additional to be thankful for – the ability to give other people that same opportunity to experience healing in their own bodies.

I’m grateful to be a part of restoring health to individuals who have yet to have their first birthday to those individuals who are nearing 100 years of age. There is no time better than the present to receive the gift of health. May you be blessed with health, joy, and peace this season as we celebrate the ultimate gift of our Savior’s birth.